General Info

Here’s a little info about what to expect and what we need when we arrive to borrow your kitchen


We need:

2 shelves in the fridge

1 drawer in the freezer

4 hotplates and a hot air oven

Countertop space for plating.

(Expect us to use quite a bit of table space for plating)


We bring all the plates for the food.

You set the table yourself including, cutlery, napkins, water and wine glasses. It’s possible to rent all of the above through Uformel.

We always recommend that you choose to hire one of our waiters to your event. This provides the full experience and you don’t have to think about anything but enjoying yourself with your guests.

If you choose not to hire a waiter you need to clear the table in between courses and also serve the food, pour the wine etc.

Waiters are billed DKK 300 per commenced hour.

Our staff arrives approx. 1 hour before your guests are invited and leaves again when the last dish is served and the kitchen is cleaned.

Driving fee: DKK 450 for Copenhagen and Zealand, the rest of the country is agreed individually.